Baddest Christmas Gift Guide
Find Christmas gifts your lucky loved ones are bound to adore! You can browse our curated selection of gifts per budget of up to £15, £30, £50 or more. Whether you introduce them to their new favourite brand (maybe they skate independent trucks but havn't they tried the hollow version) or give an upgraded gift of their all time favourite bearings (Get some luxe bones bearings instead of the standard reds), you're sure to win the gifting game. Shopping for someone special? Explore our luxe edit to discover the very best in skateboarding.
 Get them a GIFT CARD that they can redeem it as they please or keep reading to get some ideas on lovely Xmas presents.  
Do you need a little help to stuff out your loved ones Xmas stocking? We've got hundrend's of small stocking fillers for skateboarders of any level and ability. 
Watching your loved ones dig into their stocking and unwrap their presents is a highlight of Christmas Day. Santa needs a little bit of help sourcing some small stocking fillers but we have plenty of stocking filler ideas to add to your basket.
Get them some gold bolts or some pink or blue ones to spice up their set up.
You can also get them some bearings that are ALWAYS handy. You can get some budget spitfire cheapshots or some of the most popular amongst skaters bones reds. For just £5 you can get them a little twin pack of reds that they can always have in their bag for the next time they pop a bearing. If its a special someones you can consider leveling up and getting them some super reds or bronson's G3 or if you want to spoil them get the some bone's swiss, swiss ceramics or bronson's ceramics!  You can also add some bearing cleaning products to extend the life of their new bearings like cream or oil. 
On the subject of extending life of products you can also get them some shoe goo. Skaters go through pairs of shoes on a much higher rate than any non-skater. Shoe goo can be applied on the side of the shoes that are most vulnerable like the side of the shoe or on the laces. Ripcare comes in clear color or black to fit all needs. 
We also get some stickers, wax, air freshener, socks, patches, keyring or an always useful skateboarding tool! If you know they love tea we also have some tea carefully selected by skateboarders!
The wait is over! Discover the first of our expertly curated, exclusive gift edits that fit any budget are sure to delight everyone on your list, for dedicated skaters, to beginners and people who just love skateboarding culture!
For your dedicated skaters we have a few suggestions!
You are always safe with some spitfire formula four wheels. If you are unsure about the size most skaters tend to skate 52mm to 54mm wheels.
Bearings are an other good shout as they are always useful. Bones reds are the most popular bearings but feel free to indulge them to anything fancier too! Bronson G3's or Raws are some of our favourites but get the some bones swiss ceramics if you feeling especially festive! 
You can always indulge the to some new trucks. Give our friendly team a shout on our online chat and we can help you choose the right size. Measuring their deck size is easy, just place a measuring across the width of their deck to find out what size their skating. You can also consider getting them and upgraded version of their trucks, so for example if they are skating Independent trucks you can get the hollows or even titaniums
For budgets up to £15 you can get them some items that are always handy such as bearings, wax, bolts, toolsbearing cleanershoe gluegrip cleaner or just some griptapeOur curated list also includes other fun items such as magazines, sticker packs or socks! You can also get a simple keyring, a keyring/bottle opener or maybe a skater mug?
For budgets up to £30 you can surprise them with your knowledge of skateboarding culture and get them a shop tshirt or a tee from Roxo or Reup, both London based skater-owned popular brands. You can also get them a rare FA sticker pack, Sneeze mag that is exclusively made out of full size posters or an upgraded version of the most popular skateboard bearings. A roxo or yardsale cap won't disappoint. 
 For budgets up to £50 we suggest a Come to my church tee, a Frog beanie or a Glue tee. Trust me, they will be surprised with you niche skateboarding knowledge with any of those! You can always get the some items from some of the most popular skate brands! You can't go wrong with and FA tee, a Hockey Balaclava or a GX1000 beanie
For loved ones that are fans of skateboarding culture we have pinned up a selection of gifts throughout our Christmas gift guide. A FA towel or keychain, a selection of magazines and books such as the Yardsale magazine, Sneeze Mag, or Karl Watson's kid book. Southside circular Volume I or Volume II will make a great Christmas gift to any graffiti lover. You can also get some skateboarding inspire Christmas tree decorations from Santa Cruz.  We have curated some decks that can be great as wall hangers such as popular re-issue decks or the newest pro-skater decks.  
We also got some popular clothing items like our best-selling Polar Big Boy Jeans in Light Blue, Dark Blue or Washed Black or Hockey shorts  
 Whatever your budget, we got a great selection to make your loved ones smile this Xmas. We are always available via our online chat if you need any further assistance! Happy Holidays!