BAD PAL - Baddest x Palace Skateboards Collab
♻️  BAD PAL ♻️
We teamed up with the heavyweights over at Palace to make some sick gear.
Wear it to the pub, to a rave, to the skatepark, to a boxing match, in the streets or in your home. The pieces are designed to perform excellently in any conditions.*
*Except heavy rain, temperatures below 0°c and above 40°c, a jungle, the Arctic/Antarctic, a desert, the moon, an active volcano, a forest fire and the open ocean. Anywhere else and you should be fine. 
The Palace Baddest collection celebrates the community we serve whilst playfully drawing inspiration from our local area. 
The harmonious relationship between retailer and supplier is juxtaposed by pitting Palace against Baddest.
Inspiration is drawn from two infamous forms of competition: a soundclash flyer printed on a hoody and a boxing match flyer on a t-shirt start the collection with a bang.
Our differences are eventually reconciled on a jovial pastel pink and white t-shirt with a medley of the Palace family and the Baddest community. And there is a ravers beanie thrown in for good measure. ❤️
On a series note. We made a video featuring all our banging team, and it's definitely going to get you hyped to skate Brikky.
You can shop the Bad Pal collab bits exclusively from Palace,  and their new SS22 hardware just dropped on our website.  💡 🧠  :-$