Here at Baddest, we feel uneasy being part for another year in a single day that is exclusively focused on hyper-consumerism. Black Friday is environmentally & politically foul. It encourages excessive obtaining of stuff that you probably wouldn’t purchase if there was no discount available. 

Hyper-consumerism poses one of the biggest threats to the planet. We no longer want to be involved in Black Friday sales as we see that day to be the epitome of hype-consumerism and marketing manipulated consumer behaviour. As a result, will be closed on Friday 26th of November. 

Instead, we are offering discounts throughout the whole month of November across our website with the goal of encouraging a greater consideration of what you buy. We want to encourage everyone to buy what you need and what you will use, consider your purchases, consider where you give your money, be mindful when you consume, and shop unrushed and slowly. 


Baddest team