Brixton's Baddest x PageShe Baddest Bounce and Gyaldem Sale
We organised a sale for the woman that skate.
Not trynna discriminate but sadly all industries do. Did you know that women pay around 37 percent more on everyday items with exactly the same functions as their male counterparts? Like pink razors are double the price than blue. Even kids toys are more £££.  On top of that we live in a country that taxes periods as a luxury, taxing half the population. 
So maybe we didn't attract as many females as we were hoping. But at least every boy that came to the shop that week got a discount after having to listen to me talking about the fact and left pissed off about the sexist pricing in the rest of the industries. 
Skating being a very male oriented industry is one of the best places to start making a difference. Maybe by educating all males on everyday struggles we as women face might contribute to the Change :)
I gave a small interview about that to Gyaldem, please read here
Also co-hosted a rad event at Buster Matis with Page She after having a good radio warm up at Balami  :)