Welcome to Style Revision, the bit where we post skate videos that get us hyped to skate. 
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First on the list:
Van Wastell's 'One Wish'. 
This is a compilation video made by Van's brother after his passing.
Van’s style is classic, reminiscent of the east coast power skaters of the 1990s such as Reece Forbes or Ricky Oyola but he also brings a relaxed and controlled element making Van’s style one of the most enjoyable to watch.
Van sadly lived only 24 short years but the impact he has left on skateboarding will live forever.
According to his brother Van rode an 8.1” deck.

Special S/O to Mike Fox for filming some of this.
RIP Van. 
We hoped you enjoyed this video. If you would like to see more videos of Van some are linked below. 
Thank you for watching, see you soon.